Winter Skincare Routine – After Shower Hygiene 101 ( NIGHT TIME ROUTINE )

Hey beautiful,

Winter came way faster than I anticipated and so did my dry skin! But no stressing over here because this year my skin will be so different. I have my little coconut oil secret that has kept my skin feeling amazing all summer long so why not keep it going through the winter months when my skin is feeling extra desperate.

I normally suffer from dry patches on my forehead and around my nose but I haven’t had those since my last dry skin video I posted on my YouTube channel. Back then I was using the Manadarin Mist body scrub by Nicole Williams and loved it. I linked some of my most favourite products. have a look and maybe some of them will be your favourites soon too.

I filmed a quick little video to show you all my favourite after shower products. What I use on my body and face to stay hydrated through cold months and tan, of course.
I will have the video linked here. Do you have a skincare routine you stick to in the winter?

xo, Tabea 🧡

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Fall Feels X Makeup Routine

And just like that… it’s Fall.

Wow, it’s been a minute since I have posted on here. To be honest, it was literally just a lack of technology skills on my end. My site got shut down for spam and I had no idea why or how to help. I mustered up the courage to read up on it and tackle the problem myself without contacting a web developer so here we are! I fixed it! HAHA YAY couldn’t be more happy.

How have you guys been? Are you enjoying the Fall weather? Getting everything in Pumpkin Spice and kicking leaves everywhere you walk? I love fall. It means layering all the cute clothes I haven’t worn in a while and snuggling up in blankets and feeling super cozy. Now I just need a new house with a comfy fireplace and I’m all set.

If you have been following along on my Youtube channel then you would know that we are in the middle of house hunting and could possibly be moving in the next little while. Very exciting but so nerve wrecking. Not knowing what place we will find. And we are the fixer upper kind. So maybe there will be lots of DIY’s in our future! Do you guys like home makeovers?

New Season, means new makeup. I just got to try the Age 20’s compact foundation. I am in the shade #35 and it comes in this super pretty sleek packaging ( get it here). The cream goes on super smooth to my skin even when applying it with a beauty blender, no primer needed. It doesnt feel cakey and gives pretty decent buildable coverage. if you haven’t tried a cream foundation yet, then you simply must. It’s perfect, not messy and feels super light weight. As an added bonus it also has SPF. I always forget SPF and so this is so convenient to have it built into my foundation routine. Does your foundation have SPF?

If you want to see me applying my new foundation routine then you can just click  on the video below and it’ll take you straight to my YouTube channel and to the review.

So, I hope I got you guys a bit up to speed with my life and what’s been going on!

Talk soon,

xo 😘 Tabea


Hey Beautiful,

Fashion posts are my fav. I just love looking at pretty clothes.

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I’ve also fallen victim to this everyday easy bun hairstyle. The best choice in the summer heat.

It’s starting to cool down at night though and when it’s not super sunny the temperature can feel slightly chilly during the day and so it’s the perfect time to whip out Denim Jackets. Is anyone else super excited for fall? I have been guilty of fall shopping already. I just can’t resist envisioning layered outfits with some cozy boots. I think it’ll be time to bring out my Hunter’s again this Fall too. YAY! 

I always see other Blogs post about their favourite fashions under $100 and I thought it’s perfect to share some cute denim jackets with you guys. I was on the hunt for so long until I came across this really cute one from Rosegal ( get it here). I def didn’t think spending over $100 was appropriate. I don’t like spending more than $100 on anything, Let’s be real! Haha

So excited, I was able to get a Coupon code as well for you guys to shop on Rosegal. They have some really good deals right now and my Denim Jacket was only $25.92 ! You can use code Rosegalxie !!! Let me know what you get! 

Which denim jacket is your favourite?

Denim Jacket 
Five things I am grateful for today are
  1. My husband bringing me coffee… he just gets me 😛
  2. Being able to watch my niece and her help me with my crazy babies
  3. Ny is walking so well. Any new developments are so exciting and I am so thankful for them
  4. M is learning to ride his bike and doing so awesome. Every time he falls he just gets right back up
  5. My social media following is continuously growing and I am so happy to share it all with you guys!

What are you grateful for?

I also filmed a haul ( linked below) where I mentioned some other clothes I got from Rosegal. You can find the links to everything in the description of my Video. Don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there.

xo, Tabea Aleida








Sweethomefromwood Wooden Bed Here 

Hey Beautiful,

Finally I am sharing our new Toddler/Baby Room with you. I figured since it is a shared room it may be interesting to some of you. How does one decorate and organize a shared Boy/ girl room with small space? I will tell you, lol.

It’s quite easy, as long as you can fit their beds, you are set!

We recently got M’s new bed from @Sweethomefromwood an Etsy Shop I must share!  Whether you are buying for a Boy or Girl, they have you covered. With their simple sleek wooden design there is something for everyone. You can simply decorate the bed on your own as you can see on their web shop, which I intend to do once I know the look I want. Maybe some sparkly lights or some pom poms? What do you think?

It’s nice to have beds with options for rails. The first crib we bought we had to purchase everything separate. This one you can choose where you want the rail to be. And how cute is the look of a little house with the chimney on top?

The perfect sanctuary for your little tot!

I do have some tips on decorating your babies room, especially when you want them to play and sleep in the same room

Stay calm and sleep

When decorating I decided to use neutral colours. Nothing too crazy bright. I wanted a calming atmosphere with not too much excitement for the eye. Pretty sure it helps them sleep better at night if it’s all neutral and not too stimulating. White, Grey and Pastels are awesome colours for your baby room.

Decorating like a Pro

Pinterest is always great for that room decor inspo. I wanted to decorate but was also worried the kids would get into the decorations too much and wreck things. The last thing  I wanted was to have to watch their every move in their own room. Decorating with toys is your best friend. I chose some pieces like a cute unicorn rocking horse, baby mobiles ( hanging from the ceiling) and a ball pit, aside from teddy bears & wooden blocks in the chosen colour scheme.

Clean your own room

I’m all about teaching my kids how to clean up and so I needed everything to be very easily accessible for them. A quick opening of the closet reveals toy bins and organizers. Super quick for some fast cleaning up before bed time. I shared a cleaning routine of their room on my Youtube which is linked here.

Everyday the toys come out but before bed time everything has to get tidied up no matter how crazy  it got during the day. Such a nice feeling putting them to bed in a clean room. I believe an organized room will also help your babies sleep better. Less distraction and less wanting to reach for those toys through crib bars. Hard enough to keep them in the crib once they start walking and climbing out of everything, lol.

Everything stored away in the closet also allows the room to keep its theme. haha! OCD much?

I posted a room tour on my Youtube channel. I will link it below.

Today was a fun day with the kids at the beach & so I am grateful for …

  1. So grateful to live close enough to the beach for a quick afternoon trip
  2. my car is fixed and drives way nicer.
  3. Had a great deep convo with my girlfriend. I love when she shares uplifting scriptures with me.
  4. was able to surprise my Hubby with a new fishing rod! YAY
  5. had some delicious water melon! Woo!!!

Happy Friday Babes,

Talk soon,

xo Tabea




Hey Beautiful,

Finally my long awaited H&M package arrived at my doorstep. The shipping was fast, but when you’re used to Amazon Prime deliveries than anything longer than 3 days seems like too long.

I was super excited for my espadrilles.

Turns out they are the most comfy summer flats I have ever owned. How have I just now gotten myself a pair?

I basically showed you guys what I ordered in a past post but thought it would be nice to see what things look like once they arrived. I snapped a couple pics like a try on Haul for you!

The pocket T and espadrilles are my favs. What do you think?


As always,….

1. Grateful for my mom watching my babies so I can run errands 🙂

2. My slow cooker – making a real meal possible in 5 min prep time

3. Grateful for my camera tripod so I can take my own photos whenever M isn’t in the mood – 3 year olds don’t always want to do what you ask them to lol

4. Grateful I am blessed with health – my tonsils started to hurt and I pray it’s nothing serious

5. My cuddly bed I get to fall into every night

What are you grateful for today?

Xo, Tabea


Hey Beautiful,


Today I am bringing you a post with my little angel Ny. She is growing so fast and is making huge improvements in standing and taking first steps. Still holding on but I am sure in a couple of weeks she will start walking on her own. Any mom can relate how bittersweet those moments are. I loved when M started walking. More hand space to carry everything else, lol. So I am excited but sad at the same time.

I have had the hardest time in finding good shoes that fit her and wouldn’t slip off by the time I put her in them.

Something that isn’t easy to just take off on her own. I came across Nina Kids Shoes and I love them. They have a section of shoes for early walkers so the shoes are perfectly designed for those first steps. They also keep her feet nicely on the ground to help balance herself. She has made such great progress since wearing their shoes. And they are so cute to top it off. We got the silver and pink snake skin sneakers.

She loves them, can you tell?!

Here are five things I am grateful for today

  1. BC fires haven’t come near our home yet
  2. thankful for my babies and husband.
  3. so happy we get to work with some great companies
  4. enjoying lots of playtime outside
  5. my coffee, as always, lol

What are you grateful for?

xo, Tabea



Hey Beautiful,

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are you being bombarded with the advertisement for Amazon Prime Day too? lol Every time I watch TV i am hearing about it. To be honest I am not quite sure of all the details but what I do know is that we have been shopping A LOT on Amazon and it’s made my life less complicated. We have ordered it all. Kitchen sink faucet to new light bulbs to phone charger extension cords etc. We have it all and it’s kind of annoying that whenever you think of a gadget and how it would simplify your life all you have to do is Amazon’ it and its here in two days!

HAHA seriously convenient and dangerous for my wallet.

So anyhow, as I was saying, Amazon has been the latest addiction in this household and I am sure it’s weekly of not daily delivering to your door step. Are you going to shop on Amazon Prime day, July 11th? I was thinking of checking out some things I could use so I will link them here, in case you need any ideas to break the bank even more. Not that you need my help doing that, lol.

Today wasn’t as eventful as other days. So next post I am sure I will have something more to report.

for now here are five things I loved about today!

  1. Ate super healthy and did so well not eating 20 cookies…
  2. I love my husband a little bit more for being so sweet to my family and all their requests
  3. got up early and got things accomplished
  4. feeling god come through in my life is the most exciting thing
  5. finding out our “lost” items in the move were located and will be delivered soon. ( They lost half our couch, bbq and more!!!)

What are you excited about today!?

xo,  Tabea



Hey Beautiful,

it’s a new day and I thankfully started it early. I love early mornings. I am so much more productive when I get up and finish my morning routine before 9am. Of course the babies also don’t give me much choice in laying in bed for long these days. Works in my favour most days. lol

I want to share my updated morning routine soon with you guys in a new video. For now I thought I would list some things that are essential to starting my day.

  1. Wake up – Get dressed
  2. Pour coffee – even if I am reheating it 10 times a day
  3. bathroom – brush teeth, do hair & makeup
  4. Prep Breakfast for the kids and I – usually waffles and cheerios – Ny is eating on her own. HUGE TIME SAVER lol
  5. vacuum – too much dog hair every day lol
  6. go for a walk before 9 am – it gets too hot in the summer
  7. have a morning snack and put Ny to sleep
  8. start working on the computer while M plays

That’s what my mornings typically look like. We substitute morning walks with other errands that need to be done on other days.

Currently sitting outside listening to the birds.

Hard to believe there is such tumult in the world. Especially back home in Germany. Difficult to understand why people try to fight each other with violence and why we can’t just live in peace.

I am grateful

  1. that we live in a safe place
  2. we have drinking water
  3. we have each other as a family
  4. getting along – not always easy but as long as we have love we got this
  5. the pretty birds chirping in my ear – even though sometimes they are just too loud lol

What are you grateful for today?

xo, Tabea


Hey Beautiful,

What an amazing summer we are having. It’s super hot and sunny for days. So lucky.

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I realized I don’t even have a proper pair of cute summer shoes anymore. I am always in flip flops and

I need to get some new cute ones. Not just casual ones. I am 98% casual so that’s hard. I have been loving the Espadrille trend so I have been searching and searching. I saw a fellow blogger post some photos with the Ralph Lauren Danitas and fell in love. I know the price isn’t high but I couldn’t help but look for a cheaper version and found something similar on the H&M site. They have them in Black and Powder Pink, so cute! To add to my order I put a couple more pink shirts into my basket. Here’s what I got!

Sometimes they have free shipping too, so that’s a help! Signing up for their newsletter can notify you when they have deals on. I only shop things that are on sale!

Do you guys love the blush pink trend?

I am so grateful for

  1. all the comments on my Youtube about my weight loss challenge. They make my day
  2. got to take some cute photos of my babies
  3. Ny will be 1 at the end of the month and I am so grateful for her little soul
  4. Had an espresso shot in my coffee. That did the job 🙂
  5. M always makes me laugh even when I am not in the best mood he makes it all better.

What got you excited today?

See you back Friday! Subscribe to my Blog so you don’t miss a post!

xo, Tabea

Outdoor Adventures

Hey Beautiful,
It’s late and my eyes are super heavy. We had a pretty busy day. It’s the long weekend and we went up to the lake to do some kayaking and fishing in the boat. Such a beautiful scenery. I have some clips in my newest video.
The kids love being outside and they make me go out of my own comfort zone and try new things. I love my new kayak and am looking forward to many more adventures with it. It’s great quality time for Jay and I! What did you do on this long weekend?

So grateful
1. We got to go to the lake
2. Getting a new Kayak!
3. The weather was amazing
4. M loves every bit of being in the kayak with me.
5. My husband, for doing all the things he does for me.
What made your day today?

Back to work tomorrow, are you ready?



Hey Beautiful,

Woke up before everyone today and am writing this post. I want to share my new video with you!

I started a new series that will last for 30 days.

*this post contains affiliate links

I am going to document my journey to losing the last 10 lb. I technically already lost it but i gained 10 lb. in the last little while because of moving and new routines and not caring and watching out for my weight. I also want to get more fit but I want to start by losing some and being more active. I have a hard time with working out. I am going to try different things and see what works for me. If you have anything to lose you should join me and comment on my Videos. We can keep each other motivated!

Let’s do it!

I mentioned how I get rid of my craving for soda. They are high sugar and so bad for you. I love carbonated water and usually it’s just about the fizz for me. My husband got me the Sodastream for Christmas and I love it. They have some flavours you can add as well but a dash of some juice will help stop your craving too at a lot less sugar and calories. I’ve linked it here for you from Amazon.


Five things I am grateful for today

  1. waking up early
  2. feeling energized and not sluggish
  3. being healthy to play with my babies
  4. having the means to buy groceries for our family
  5. enjoying working from home 🙂

What made your day today?

xo, Tabea

Summer feels


Hey Beautiful,

Took my babies downtown this morning to shoot for an upcoming post on my Instagram. I love being able to show M new things. We walked along the dock and looked at the boats and he got to push Ny in her stroller. They’re honestly so cute. They have so much love.

My babies make me so happy. I am vlogging today. Starting a little challenge on my YouTube channel. You guys can do it with me. It’s a 10lb weight loss challenge and the first video goes live tomorrow morning.

I will try and stick with daily vlogging. This way i I’ll be able to keep you guys in the loop on all my progress. I want to be more active and healthy and lose some weight while doing that. Ny will be a year old next month so I am challenging myself to make it happen.

I picked a basic all black outfit with a denim jacket for today. Super comfortable with some Converse. You can shop a similar outfit here.

Today I am so grateful that

  1.  My babies are so close in age … I pray they stay best friends
  2. Having M as my photographer has made my life so much easier
  3. The weather was perfect. A bit cloudy and cool after a hot day yesterday
  4. The Mango I had for lunch even though it was only half way ripe
  5. Found my fav wispie lashes at Walmart. Yay!

What are you grateful for?

Feeling a bit tired. Maybe I can sneak a little nap in.

xo, Tabea 💕


Hey Beautiful,

I’m so excited I got to design my new planner. I have been using the planner for the last three years in a row and I just love their layouts and how you can customize your planner. It’s been so easy to keep with me because they offer a few different sizes so it’s whatever you prefer. This time I designed a size A4. I have a lot more to keep track of so I wanted something bigger. Here is the pic that will be my new front and back cover. You can customize your own or use mine!

What do you guys think of it?


So grateful for these five things today

  1. Got a gorgeous dress in the mail today. I shared it on my Instagram Story.
  2. had the most amazing A&W meal lol ( it’s going to be my new addiction, I can tell )
  3. got to spend some girl time with my Ny
  4. knowing God, he works wonders in my life
  5. found out my girlfriend is pregnant! What a blessing

Do you know why I finish my Blog Posts off with five things I’m grateful for everyday? … It lets me reflect on my day and think about what I am happy for and what I need to give thanks for. Sometimes it’s not as easy but I want to get better at being grateful every day. So let me know what made you happy today!

Talk to you on Monday!

xo, Tabea


Hey Beautiful,

The last couple of weeks I haven’t been very focused on my weight. I sort of stopped caring. If you have been following me for a while then you know I used to watch it every single day. I don’t think I have gone on the scale in two weeks. It’s a great feeling accepting yourself how you are. Truthfully I never thought I would recover from having children. I had two babies within 2.5 years and I am back to my original size, maybe even a bit smaller. I am so grateful that it wasn’t as hard to get back there. Now it is time to focus on being active though, because I may look like my old self but underneath clothes is a different story. I need to start fighting the flabby skin and I am just not getting the proper motivation. I thought I would ask you guys what motivates you to work out?

I’ve struggled with this my whole life. So let me know below what motivates you to get it done and over with. And how do you workout with two babies at home? Comment below.

I stopped to cut some roses in the garden. How beautiful are they? They just add something to every photo.

Things that made my day today

  1. got to design my new planner for the fall
  2. woke up in a happy mood
  3. loving the beautiful summer weather today
  4. filming a Vlog that I have been wanting to share for a while. should be up by the end of the week
  5. going for a walk with my babies – best everyday routine for us.

What made you excited today?

xo, Tabea

Quick Update

Hey Beautiful,

Keeping super busy with the babies, and working from home and cooking and cleaning. I wonder how other moms do it all?  Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

Having a new routine and all the changes aren’t always easy to juggle. Trying my best. I took a bit of a break over the weekend. sort of. I didn’t do as many things as I do on an everyday basis. I am sure you know what I am talking about. Tomorrow I will have to make a To do list so I can stay on top of things without distractions.

I hope you are all having a great day! Stay positive! Tomorrow is a new day!

Im so grateful for

  1. my kids… they are so full of energy and keep me going
  2. the bible app on my phone – anytime I need a pick- me-up
  3. cut some roses for a bouquet – nothing better than the smell of fresh flowers.
  4. my coffee… that i am still drinking… I’ve gotten used to cold coffee by now. lol
  5. our everyday walks – super refreshing and cleansing

What made your day today?

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What’s in my Basket

Hey Beautiful,

Thought I would share some basics that are in my checkout basket right now. I haven’t had real time to shop in store so I just keep browsing online. I have been so caught up with coming out West and having a new routine. Sometimes pretty overwhelming. So many life changes. And not to mention Ny turns 1 next month. Where has the time gone. My sweet angel is so big. Ah… anyways before I start to sulk here are my current wants!!!!

Whats in your shopping cart?

Five things that I am grateful for today

  1. My hard working husband. He’s amazing
  2. Opportunities I am given because of Blogging and Youtube
  3. My sweet girlfriend Jennifer – xo
  4. My mom – she buys me milk when I run out lol
  5. Ny went to sleep without a sound! She was tired. Here’s hoping for tomorrow…

What made you happy today?

I am off to relax now. I did sooo much work today! I forgot to drink my coffee and left it in the microwave all day and now fighting a headache. UGH! Starting to get things accomplished is a great feeling. Here is my new video if you need something to watch! Don’t forget to share it with your friends, you will make me SOOOO happy!

xo, Tabea


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Hi Beautiful,

Day 4 of sleep training and she went to bed without one peep. I’m the happiest right now! Amazing what consistency does for your kids. It’s in your hands to turn them into amazing humans! And the work starts at such a young age!
Let me know if you want some details on this maybe in a Youtube video so I can explain it all in detail!?
I took the baby’s to the lake near me and enjoyed a snack on a bench while we watched the baby duckies. So sweet how they all stick together so closely and follow their mama. I hope my kids will always be near me and I get to enjoy their company.
I finally got my lilybod leggings in the mail. I’m so excited for them because I love their Instagram and they exceeded my expectations. The quality is so nice and you can tell the stitching on them will hold up. Who else hates when your leggings tear in the crotch area? Lol
I picked my top 3 from their page and added some other basics I’ll be wearing them with. Which one is your fav?


Five things that made my day
1. Taking the babies to the lake
2. Living in such a beautiful place admiring Gods creation
3. Cute conversations with my three year old about life
4. Ny going to sleep without crying. She’s learning to love her bed 💕
5. Having a close relationship with my brother. Love him 👍🏼

What made you happy today?
What kind of videos do you like to watch?
Don’t forget to share this post with your friends, it’ll make my day! Talk to you guys on Friday!

xo, Tabea

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Mommy Basics

Dear Diary,

Spent a great day with the babies and got some groceries done, did my everyday cleaning routine. Continued with Ny’s sleep training. That has been the hardest thing recently. Her going to sleep on her own will be the best for her in the long run, so I just have to suck it up and get through it. Hearing her cry, because she is used to me rocking her to sleep, is rough. Today is day 3 of sleep training and its gone so well. Huge improvement!

I was looking through my closet and once again noticed how I am a huge fan of basics. I tried to find a ruffled blouse or anything more playful and romantic and I literally couldn’t find one piece. I like the idea of cute blouses and girly clothes but then always catch myself buying more white T’s and crop tops. It just always looks better on everyone else. I thought I would share some pieces that I like during Nursing. Basics come in handy and you don’t have to spend crazy amounts of money on nursing friendly clothing. Having a baby is already pricey as it is, so having to buy nursing bras just adds to the burden. I found some pieces I like that you may already have in your closet.

  1. Crop tops – super easy to lift up without a lot of shirt in the way
  2. Camis make it super easy to fold down – some even come with a nursing friendly clasp
  3. Low cut shirts
  4. Kimonos – great for covering up in public
  5. Cardigans
  6. Sports bras

What do you guys think of these choices? I want to keep everything affordable on the blog so let me know!
Here are five things that made me happy today
1. Ny’s smile – she has turned into such a giggly baby
2. Almonds were on sale so i got a huge bag – going to candy them with some maple syrup and cinnamon
3. only two more sleeps before I see my babe
4. Everyday phone calls w/ my girlfriend
5. My everyday cleaning routine made me really happy today, lol
What made your day today?
Going to watch Nashville now. Can’t believe I missed the new season premiere. What’s your favourite show?
Don’t forget to share this post with your friends, it’ll make my day!
xo, Tabea

Mom Life

Dear Diary,

Woke up in a great mood. Got my everyday cleaning done early. So essential for my overall happiness. I know it sounds a bit crazy but there is something about making your bed in the morning, getting yourself ready for the day and doing your chores. You have the rest of the day to do things like work and play! It’s what makes me feel organized and accomplished.
Currently I am watching Ny and M play on the lawn. Funny to watch how babies react when the grass touches their feet. She is pretty good now crawling all over with her toys. So grateful for the shady spots from all the flowers and bushes so I don’t have to worry too much about her sun exposure. I love these moments where I can watch them play and also get something on my to do list done.
Speaking of work. Isn’t it so hard to work from home with kids around? Always interrupting, saying “mommy” over and over to the point where you just can’t hear it anymore and you tune them out. That’s sort of what happens whenever I am trying to take some photos. It’s a process of setting it up, turning the camera on, getting the right angle and lighting, and just shooting a bunch of images and hoping there is one shot out of 100 that I can use. This is what happened when I tried to recreate a look I saw and loved on Instagram. So many have copied the look and with all the roses out I just couldn’t resist. Of course Ny crashed the pic but I actually went along with it and love the photos with her in it even more. That’s what happens when your a mom. You always have to improvise.
What do you think of the photos?

My outfit is super basic wearing a black crop top with leggings and a black leather string choker. Here are some similar pieces to recreate the outfit.

Five things I am grateful for today

  1. My Health
  2. Saw a deer in the back yard today. I love seeing wild life up close, lol.
  3. Having steady work – it’s not a given
  4. I did 50 Squats today. YAY me! lol
  5. Got to have some really ripe Mangos, So yum!

What made you happy today?

Enjoy your day Babes and don’t forget to check back for a Blog Post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!Don’t forget to share this post with your friends, it’ll make my day!

xo, Tabea

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Become Insta Famous

Dear Diary,

Today was such a nice day even though it started off super chilly in the morning. I spent such a fun time with the kids. Made some flower crowns, no big deal. Had to take some Instagrams. It’s sometimes a challenge to get inspired to post new content. Browsing other peoples feeds comes in super handy and helps me decide what pictures I could take and work for my page. I follow a ton of inspo accounts and they all have a pretty similar feed with reoccurring themes.

If you’re lacking some inspiration yourself then here are five super popular Instagram Photo Ideas

  1. Climb a mountain and act like you went on a huge hike in your cutest workout clothes.
  2. Always drink Starbucks … because everyone can afford a Starbucks everyday, duuhh. Or you can just reuse your one cup over and over for every post. lol
  3. Braid your hair, add some flowers and don’t show your face
  4. The Eiffel Tower is always a good idea 😛
  5. Pose over a delicious plate of french fries and avocado Toast with the biggest side order of belgium waffles with all the toppings

There you have it! All things to get you inspired and hopefully reposted by one of those huge inspo accounts.

Five Things I am grateful for today!

  1. My coffee – felt so chilly today and it hit the spot!
  2. had a huge bowl of strawberries for lunch
  3. snuggles with my babies
  4. the white T I cut into a crop top – it’s my go to and I need more colours ( DIY soon?)
  5. getting in touch with some awesome companies to work with for the Blog – be excited 🙂

Going to tan outside now! Love you all

xo, Tabea

*All photos are from Pinterest




carrying her own purse 😿

Dear Diary,

Today I got a lot accomplished on the Blog and that made me so happy. I launched some new pages so it’s all more organized. We know I am a declutter freak as you can tell from my Youtube Videos. I think you will love the Shop I added as well.

I got the kids dressed up so we could go take some photos over by the beach but was more than disappointed that all the rain has all our beaches closed off from the high waters. So sad! Hopefully the whole summer isn’t ruined. We ended up getting some Old fashion glazed Timbits ( M’s fav) and a Tim Hortons Iced Coffee ( my fav) which made it all better, lol. My other half is currently away and I am missing him so much even though I just saw him yesterday.

Ny got some cute new bows from @pearls_and_studs in the mail that I just had to show you guys. You can get them here. I love these headbands so much because they fit so perfectly and she never tries to take them off. I love adding a bandana bib, especially over white clothes just to make sure they don’t stain because I am terrible at washing whites. How cute are her bloomers? I picked out some similar pieces so you can recreate her outfit.

Five things that made me happy today…

  1. Spending time with my family
  2. My new apartment
  3. the mail lady 😛
  4. finished decorating my babies room
  5. the time I have to work on my blog

What made you happy today?

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I am thinking of starting a posting schedule on my Youtube and Blog. What do you think?

Talk soon,

xo Tabea



Everyday Makeup Favourites

Post Workout pic from the other day

Dear Diary,

Ever since I ditched the fake lashes and the heavy foundation my skin has recovered from my seasonal dry patches. I have been using coconut oil as a moisturizer. It’s greesy but nothing beats natural. Here are my current everyday favourite products to use on my face.

So much to be grateful for today

  1. Being married to my Best Friend – I looove him
  2. Being able to work from home and spend all my time with my babies
  3. picking up timbits for my sweet little boy – they’re his fav
  4. chocolate goldfish – because they’re the bomb
  5. finally feeling comfortable in my own skin without fake lashes everyday

What are you happy about today?

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Here is my latest Youtube Video – finally sharing my updated Apartment. What other videos do you want to see?

xo, Tabea


Sweaters x Shorts

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Dear Diary,

Today marks one week of M night time potty training and we are going full speed towards no more diapers. He is almost 3 1/2 and to some this may be late but for a boy he was potty trained quite fast at 2 years old. We had a couple set backs along the way but he did really great. I am having more trouble with the night time training. Hopefully this will be the end of Baby number 1 in diapers at night. It’ll be a big relief. I send him to bed at 7:30 and then take him to the bathroom around 10:30 – 11pm and in the morning his diaper is dry! I think I will give it a shot without any tonight. I will let you know how it goes!

Took a couple of photos the other day and I thought these turned out cute with Ny. I wanted to share one of my favourite things which is wearing long sleeve sweaters with some cute shorts. I’m always chilly especially if I have to go to the grocery store! It’s freezing there. A sweater always comes in handy. My sweater is from Hollister ( similar here), Shorts from Guess ( similar here) , Backpack is ALDO ( similar here) Nike Flip Flops (here ) & my Pom Keychain is from Ardennes ( similar here). Ny’s Headband is from carters ( here) , Pants are H&M (Similar here),  & her onesie is from Old Navy ( similar here).

I found some similar pieces you might like. What do you think of Sweater and short combos?

Here are my five things I’m grateful for

  1. Potty training success with M
  2. Grocery shopped the nicest Mangos today
  3. Having a car to take me from A – B
  4. The sunshine – makes me happy everyday
  5. When my Bible app sends me a Verse I just needed to hear today!

What are you grateful for this Friday?

Enjoy your day and don’t forget to share this post with your friends. It’ll make my day!!!

xo, Tabea



Dear Diary,

Feeling pretty refreshed after an uninterrupted sleep of 6 hours. It’s been a crazy few days of Ny not sleeping in the evenings and essentially me not getting to bed till 1am only to get up again around 4:30am.

Today I was thinking of videos I could film and what might be helpful to my viewers. If anyone is in the same boat as me as a stay at home mom then they know what it’s like to wonder how you can contribute to the family income. I came up with a list of things that I will explain more in my new video. Thought I would share them here on my blog with everyone as well.

Here we go

  • WRITE AN EBOOK ( fitness, nutrition, food guide, motivation, kids, etc)
  • PERSONAL TRAINER AT HOME – make a gym in your basement
  • AESTHETICIAN – do nails, eyelashes,  offer services
  • HAIR DRESSER – self explanatory 😛

The first 8 I think are things you can make money fairly quickly with. The last two may require quite a bit of time and effort but for anyone who has the time and interest it’s definitely worth starting a Blog or Youtube Channel.

Here is the video where I explain everything a bit more. Hope you enjoyed this post. It would make my day if you shared it with your friends 🙂

And again here are my five things that I am grateful for

  1. You reading this blog post!
  2. my computer that helps me work on my social media business
  3. the baby monitor so I can watch Ny sleep as I get some sunshine outside
  4. The avocados that are finally ripe and ready to eat after sitting on my counter for days lol
  5. Listening to the birds sing and seeing Gods amazing creation

What are you grateful for today?


xo Tabea



Baby Ny x Bows

Dear Diary,

Feeling pretty accomplished today. Went for a walk with the babies, ate pretty healthy – until I couldn’t resist those caramel drumsticks in my freezer, uploaded a Youtube video, completed some emails and collabs, reorganized some storage items in the house, did my everyday cleaning routine all while taking care of two babies. Pretty good, lol!

I took these super cute pictures of Ny the other day. I can’t believe she is standing and walking along things. Soon she will take her first steps and then she will be off to college. Just kidding! Seriously tho, time flies when you’re watching your babies grow!

Her jean romper is from Old Navy and her onesie underneath is from Joe Fresh. They always have a bundle deal where you can get 5 for $20 or something like that. Her black socks with the bows are from Ebay and her white bow is from Stellastellinalove on Instagram. I found some links where you can shop a similar outfit. What do you think of her outfit? Don’t forget to follow M and Ny on their Instagram Page

Here are five things I am grateful for today!

  1. My sweet baby boy who always lends me a helping hand
  2. My morning Coffee
  3. My cell phone because I can keep in touch with so many that are so far
  4. Having a wagon that can pull my babies on our walks
  5. My healthy lunch – sweet potato with a home made salsa with beans

What made you happy today? Leave me a comment!


xo, Tabea


Hello Mojo


Hello Mojo 

Dear Diary,

Spent the day today mostly in the sun. It was so beautiful out for the long weekend. I love days when I can accomplish everything on my ToDo list. I prefer doing things first thing in the morning. Today’s post I wanted to share some fashion appreciation.
I have been so happy about my hellomojo sunglasses. They are different than any other pair I own. I always play it safe with plain colours but this one has such great flower details all over the frame. So pretty with a cute gold accent. The lenses are super reflective and look so cool.
I was able to score a coupon code for you too. With ALEIDAMOJO you are able to get 20% off your very own pair of sunglasses. Much needed with the amazing weather!
As always here are my five things I’m grateful for today.
1. Obviously my @hellomojo sunglasses
2. Having time to lay out in the sun
3. My mom who took the time to plant some things for me
4. The long weekend – because who doesn’t love Mondays off
5. Watching Ny as she gets better at standing all on her own. Big girl!

What are you grateful for?

Don’t forget to get your Mojo sunglasses here!
xo, Tabea


May Long Weekend


Dear Diary,

just wrapped up our first Camping Trip as a Family of four! Originally we were supposed to stay in the trailer but then decided to tent for the fun of it. More for the kids, not so much for me. Who would have thought one day I would complain about a sore neck and back after roughing it on an air mattress in the cold?! Lol

We spent such a great time with family and got to go to this little beach and throw rocks and watch the waves go by. Being outdoors and taking in this earths beauty is what life is about.

So here are five things I’m grateful for today

1. Spending time with my family

2. 7 years of marriage to my best friend

3. Listening to the birds chirping as I write this post outside

4. The beautiful weather today • 27 degrees Celsius and sunshine

5. Tanning my really pasty white legs

Life is great!

What are you grateful for today?

xo, Tabea


( my handsome boy)

( outfit details tagged on Instagram)

Dear Diary,

Today marks the first day in a new chapter for this Blog. Not for any particular reason but for the simple fact that I had a voice inside me ask how I can simply live my life more pure! Pure in the sense of living life to its fullest with everything it has to offer. Taking the time to smell the roses. Enjoy the little things and just achieve Happiness as the ultimate Goal.

Everyday I wake up and seem to have all these tasks and things I want to achieve and everyday is the same. Got to check off those things on my mental list and then wake up and do it all over again.

It’s 9:39pm and I just finished prepping for the long weekend camping trip. Packing clothes and toys for the kids, make homemade burgers, pack a cooler, throw in some laundry, etc. Typical mom stuff. I don’t think I had five minutes to myself today. Do you ever feel this way? As my Day comes to an end I want to reflect and think of the things that made me Happy today.

  1. Dressed up M and Ny in matching Denim Shirts
  2. Got to take some Instagram pictures with the babies
  3. J ( my Husband) came home early.
  4. Both kids went down to bed pretty easy 😛
  5. And posted a new video today! YAY ( check it out below)

What made you happy today?

xo, Tabea

Psalm 119:9

Family Time

Hey Lovely,

got to spend some quality time with my little family yesterday. We went to this goat farm and saw some cute baby goats and had some goat milk ice cream. I got a small cone, strawberry cheesecake and chocolate, and it was sooo much. I loved sharing it with the kids. Ice cream is always my favourite treat and I could have it every single day if I had my way!

Later we took Malik to the mall for some new shoes. We got him these super cute Jordans. Just like his daddy’s style. He has been growing so fast lately. It seems he has gone through 3 shoe sizes in the past 9 months. Is that normal? Makes me want time to slow down. Which reminds me it’s my birthday next month. Time flies.

Go follow my Insta Stories so you can see what we get up to!

Talk soon,

Tabea Aleida ❤︎





Hi Guys,

Oh Spring, as much as I love it. It’s a hard season to get used to. Rain, Sun, Rain, more Rain, then some sun and then some more Rain. But I guess the Flowers need it to grow so I will be ok with it, since there is nothing better than some beautiful spring flowers. Speaking of growing, a change of season can bring on some personal growth too. Those are my  favourite. Change into a new direction. Finding something better. Improving your life. This is where Adulting comes in. I’ve done my fair share of Adulting so here are some bare necessities to complete if you want to be taken serious as an adult!

  1. Wake up early! Adults have things to do and don’t have the luxury of sleeping in till 2pm.
  2. Get a job! – financing yourself is essential
  3. Move out or start paying rent – having bills teaches you responsibilities
  4. Do your own laundry – stop relying on mom to do it all
  5. Make a budget – learn not to overspend so you stay out of financial trouble
  6. Pay Bills on time – having bad credit can ruin a big chunk of your adult years
  7. Cut out negative people from your life, they won’t help you move in the right direction

Check out the video I filmed talking more about my Adulting Tips!

Talk soon,

Tabea Aleida ❤︎

Easy Baby Workout

Hey sweethearts 💕
I have had such a busy weekend but I really wanted to plan another post for you and a video to go along with it.
Lately I have been trying to be more active as a mom in hopes of getting my pre-baby body back. Not easy when you hate working out! I must say I would rather go run around outside and play soccer or do some physically demanding activities around the house, like cleaning. Lol!
Everyday during Nyahs bed time or fussy time when I am holding her I try to do a few workouts. It’s so easy. The movement keeps your baby happy and it’s benefiting your body. I like doing 50 squats while holding her. For some reason pregnancies just makes you lose your behind.
Going up and down the stairs is great while having your baby in a carrier ( be careful though, lol)
Holding your baby can be good for so many different muscles. Just playing, will make you burn fat. You should try it. I guarantee you will feel so much better after and like you actually did something. I filmed my day for you so you can see some of the things I like to do!
Give me some video/ blog post ideas down below! 😽 Night 🌙

Tabea Aleida ❤︎

Top Netflix Shows

Hey Everyone,

Hope you are all doing well. Today I want to share my favourite Netflix shows to watch while your bored or staying at home with kids. I always found I had more time when I was a mom of one. I binge watched so much. Many of my followers are just having their first child so I thought it would be fitting to share some really good shows with you. I am always needing new show suggestions.

  1. Suits – a really smart Lawyer show with 6 season to binge watch back to back
  2. Gossip Girl – for all you Fashionistas that love teenage dramas – lots of binge watching
  3. Scandal – Bound to get you into Politics with 6 seasons available
  4. Full House – a nice show to have playing in the background, its wholesome and fine to have playing if you have toddlers
  5. Riverdale – put your kids down for a nap and get sucked into the teenage murder mystery – not a binge watch show – it only has 10 episodes this far

Let me know what your favourite shows are so I can start something new.

What type of Youtube videos do you like to watch? My new Video goes live tomorrow and I’ll link it below for you guys to watch!


Tabea Aleida ❤︎

Baby’s First Easter

Hey Everyone,

Ever since I have had babies I am all over the Holidays. I love the traditions and surprising them. Seeing the look on M’s Face is priceless as he gets to open presents for two… until Ny is bigger. Then they will probably argue about who got the better gift. As much as I love the commercial side of everything I grew up as a strong Christian and I think it’s important to pass on the true story behind why we celebrate this holiday. I want my kids to grow up knowing Jesus and what he has done for us.

On Good Friday M got to do his first Egg Hunt and he could barely wait all day. We coloured some eggs in the morning and hid them later on. That was a tradition I grew up with. It’s one of my favourite memories. We would colour eggs with my Oma and then have an egg hunt with all my cousins. The basket you see him carrying is actually my mom’s and she was egg hunting with it already in 1959. lol unbelievable that she has kept it all this time. Things were still made to last back then. haha

Today is Sunday and we had a traditional German Turkey Dinner and spent some quality time with my side of the family. I am staying with my mom for a bit and the kids are having a great time since they don’t get to spend much time with their Oma and Abuelo. This morning I got M and N dressed up for some quick Easter shots. I think they turned out so cute and I hope you like them.

M’s sweater is from Old Navy and Ny’s dress is from Winners.

I am thinking about making them their own Instagram. What do you guys think I should call it?


Staying Motivated

Malik and I exploring in our matching Nike’s 🌁

Good Morning Darlings!

I often get asked how I am so motivated. How I look like I have everything under control. And many times I hear “I don’t know how you do it all!”

I honestly don’t know how I always do it all either. I just do it!

Being motivated in life is huge and requires you to be organized so you can feel accomplished. Many times I don’t want to do the things that are on my list and sitting in PJ’s all day with coffee in hand is way more fun, but there is something about getting things done!

I put together a list of things I do everyday so that I can feel accomplished. Let me know what it is that gets you motivated.

  1. Wake up early – easily done with two little kids
  2. have some coffee to avoid feeling tired – tea or lemon water will do the same
  3. get dressed and put some makeup on and do your hair – looking good makes you feel good
  4. get your chores done in the first couple hours of being awake ( cook dinner)  – you will have more time for yourself after
  5. Just Do It – force yourself to do it and you will feel great after
  6. plan something fun for the day to avoid down time – not having plans can make you feel depressed and leaves more time to think of all the things you haven’t done in your life.
  7. Watch some Youtube videos on cleaning – they make me want to tidy up and declutter all the time

These are a few things I do on an everyday basis to keep my life on the go and get things done. Sometimes you have to put your phone down and separate yourself from social media so you don’t get too distracted. It’s a great way to waste precious time in your day. Save it for later.

I hope these things helped you to get motivated today and that you finally get those things done that you have been on your To-Do List.

lots of love,

Tabea Aleida ❤︎

Watch the full video here

Meet Tabea Aleida

Welcome to My Blog!

I am so excited to start this new Journey of mine. A new chapter in my NEW Life! You might ask why I am starting a new Life and so I thought I will share some Questions and Answers in my first blog post!

We just moved and I am excited to get a fresh start on life. How many people can say they got to have a fresh beginning in their life? I am one of the lucky ones. I have had many fresh starts. I have moved a lot. Most of my life. Many significant events in my life were marked by big moves! Cross country and across Oceans.

I am excited to share a new side of me with you! So here is more about me…

 I am married to my best friend and I am a mom of two little ones, three years and 8 months old. I grew up in Germany. My mom is German and my dad is Cuban. People always tell me how weird of a mix that is.

I currently find myself transitioning from a working mom to a stay at home mom and as crazy as that sounds to me I am so excited I get to care for my family in that way.

I am 31 years old and as much as I like to deny it, I have to remind myself that every year I am blessed with more wisdom and have to be grateful God is keeping me around to be with my loved ones. Whoever said getting old is a bad thing?!

I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising and have been present online for quite some time now. I have a Youtube Channel that I love with a passion. It allows me to be creative and do whatever I want with it.

I am looking forward to sharing mom-moments with you guys and everyday things that happen. I love fashion and beauty and so that will be a part of my Blog as well. I will soon be decorating my new place and want to share that with you as well. You can expect new blog posts at least once a week! Subscribe, so you don’t miss out on anything that happens in my life. I will be linking my Youtube Videos here as well so you are a part of everything.

I want to get to know my followers so please, if you are reading this post to the end tell me one thing about yourself. It can be anything as simple as what is your favourite food?!

Until next time,

❤︎  Tabea Aleida