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Hey Beautiful,

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are you being bombarded with the advertisement for Amazon Prime Day too? lol Every time I watch TV i am hearing about it. To be honest I am not quite sure of all the details but what I do know is that we have been shopping A LOT on Amazon and it’s made my life less complicated. We have ordered it all. Kitchen sink faucet to new light bulbs to phone charger extension cords etc. We have it all and it’s kind of annoying that whenever you think of a gadget and how it would simplify your life all you have to do is Amazon’ it and its here in two days!

HAHA seriously convenient and dangerous for my wallet.

So anyhow, as I was saying, Amazon has been the latest addiction in this household and I am sure it’s weekly of not daily delivering to your door step. Are you going to shop on Amazon Prime day, July 11th? I was thinking of checking out some things I could use so I will link them here, in case you need any ideas to break the bank even more. Not that you need my help doing that, lol.

Today wasn’t as eventful as other days. So next post I am sure I will have something more to report.

for now here are five things I loved about today!

  1. Ate super healthy and did so well not eating 20 cookies…
  2. I love my husband a little bit more for being so sweet to my family and all their requests
  3. got up early and got things accomplished
  4. feeling god come through in my life is the most exciting thing
  5. finding out our “lost” items in the move were located and will be delivered soon. ( They lost half our couch, bbq and more!!!)

What are you excited about today!?

xo,  Tabea

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