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Hey Beautiful,

As promised on my Youtube channel I’m here to update you on my Biotherm experience. I love skincare. It is after all our biggest organ and shows signs of aging first. It’s the first impression you make… on a closer look.
It’s easy to retouch your insta photos but isn’t it discouraging when your skin is really not looking too hot and your only in your 20s? Are signs of parties and sleepless nights starting to show? Maybe even those fake tanning beds you underestimated, and forgetting to wear sunblock! So many things that all reflect on your skin. You can even tell how healthy you eat by how clean your skin is.

All these things I never used to care for until I hit my late 20s. Let’s just say I’m a bit more conscious now.
About a week ago I started using the Biotherm Oxygen Line. I have the melting gel cleanser, the strengthening serum, pore minimizing  lotion and the cooling gel. It promises pore minimizing and anti aging within 7 days of using. Here are my results.

I LOVE all of them. I don’t normally use this many products but I have been giving it a real try using them all at the same
time except for the cleanser ( use it once/ day) the pore minimizing lotion is like a refreshing water that absorbs completely into your skin. Sooo nice. Serums are my favourite so this one is no exception. One pump will do your whole face and neck. The cooling gel is exactly what it promises, Cooling! Watch me apply it on my youtube below!

Biotherm Skin Oxygen Collection


My skin overall has less redness and looks more even. When applying my makeup it feels hydrating all day and doesn’t leave my makeup crusty at the end of the day. My face is left with a matte finish so I am reaching for a highlighter to complement the daily look. I have no dry spots or breakouts after using it. Sooo happy. The price point of Biotherm isn’t always the most inexpensive but for how long this will last me I think it’s a great investment.

What’s your favourite skincare Product?





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