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Hey Beautiful,

Fashion posts are my fav. I just love looking at pretty clothes.

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I’ve also fallen victim to this everyday easy bun hairstyle. The best choice in the summer heat.

It’s starting to cool down at night though and when it’s not super sunny the temperature can feel slightly chilly during the day and so it’s the perfect time to whip out Denim Jackets. Is anyone else super excited for fall? I have been guilty of fall shopping already. I just can’t resist envisioning layered outfits with some cozy boots. I think it’ll be time to bring out my Hunter’s again this Fall too. YAY! 

I always see other Blogs post about their favourite fashions under $100 and I thought it’s perfect to share some cute denim jackets with you guys. I was on the hunt for so long until I came across this really cute one from Rosegal ( get it here). I def didn’t think spending over $100 was appropriate. I don’t like spending more than $100 on anything, Let’s be real! Haha

So excited, I was able to get a Coupon code as well for you guys to shop on Rosegal. They have some really good deals right now and my Denim Jacket was only $25.92 ! You can use code Rosegalxie !!! Let me know what you get! 

Which denim jacket is your favourite?

More Denim Jackets Here 
Denim Jacket 
Five things I am grateful for today are
  1. My husband bringing me coffee… he just gets me 😛
  2. Being able to watch my niece and her help me with my crazy babies
  3. Ny is walking so well. Any new developments are so exciting and I am so thankful for them
  4. M is learning to ride his bike and doing so awesome. Every time he falls he just gets right back up
  5. My social media following is continuously growing and I am so happy to share it all with you guys!

What are you grateful for?

I also filmed a haul ( linked below) where I mentioned some other clothes I got from Rosegal. You can find the links to everything in the description of my Video. Don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there.

xo, Tabea Aleida



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