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How to Take your Instagram Photos | 5 BEST TIPS FOR A GREAT FEED

How to Take your Instagram Photos | 5 BEST TIPS FOR A GREAT FEED

Hey Beauty,

I was just looking through my Insta feed at all the gorgeous inspo accounts and travelling babes and was wondering how some of them take their photos. What camera and stuff because some images do look higher resolution than others.
I figured maybe some of you are wondering too how I take mine and who does it for me. So here is all the info on that with some of the best 5 tips to make your feed look better!!!

How I take my Instagram Photos

1. Mostly my 3 year old takes my pictures. He’s getting a lot better at it. Got to start ‘em young right!?
2. I found my iPhone takes the best ones for Instagram. I like the size and quality of my phone best.
3. If I’m indoors I try to use my Sony A5000 so I can work with the lighting better.
4. Always try to use daylight. It’s just so much better and really gives you the best result.
5. Lately I ALWAYS try to have my hair done. Lol I hate looking at my photos and my main regrets are my hair at the time haha you just look so much more put together when your hair is done! 😝
What are some of your Instagram Tips?

Do you want me to share how I edit my Instagram Photos?

Xo, Tabea

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