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Hi Lovely,

I often wondered how people always say that God talks to them and God gave them answers to their asks. I never thought I could hear God. I didn’t think he was even talking to me. I would ask for things in prayer and then just sort of went along with what I thought was the right thing to do. I was right! I couldn’t hear him. I was lukewarm. When you’re a lukewarm Christian your heart hasn’t caught on fire for Jesus! When you’re on fire for him your heart feels like it could burst into a million pieces because of the joy you feel to know him as your saviour.
Being a girl interested in having a social life I always knew Jesus died for me but I never had a relationship with him. There was no growing. I was coasting. Slowly.
One day, I can’t even pinpoint the day, Jesus lit my soul on fire. Literally crying right now thinking of how blessed I am that my life changed forever.
Now I hear Jesus louder than ever. We have interactions and I receive answers in minutes. I see his doing in front of my eyes. Sometimes it’s a voice inside. Sometimes it’s that phone call I’ve been waiting for. Other times it’s good news to solve all my anxious feelings!
When you are passionate about Jesus and you start living for him then you too will hear Jesus. Until then, have fun being lukewarm! Lukewarm will never get you the true joy God has for you!

Does God talk to you? How do you hear him speak?

In my next post I will tell you all about how God told me to start tithing!

Xo, Tabea




  • Hey girl…I really do love your blogs and vlogs and YouTube videos. However, I didn’t like one specific thing that you said above in this blog…and that being: “Until then, have fun being lukewarm… Lukewarm will never get you the true joy that God has for you…”
    …………this statement is extremely condescending to your loyal readers, and I think you should rethink your wording in that statement, as it is very offensive to your fellow Christian friends who follow you.
    Anywho, just a thought and my opinion. I’m sure I’m not the only one. I still love yah girl. I’m a fellow Christian follower/subscriber/friend of yours for some time now. 💞🙏🙌✝️💋

    • WOW, thank you so much for your comment!!!! i totally get why you may find it offensive… i did consider changing it, but then after thinking about it I decided to keep it that way. I want to start sparking emotions in people and want to share my beliefs. Even if they offend some people. I believe being lukewarm is not going to get you true Joy. Why would my christian followers feel offended if they aren’t just lukewarm. I meant for it to get people thinking about how serious they are about their relationship with god.
      I’m so happy about your comment and glad my post got you thinking.

      hope to see more from you on my blog!!! 🙂 xo, your friend, Tabea

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