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Hey Beautiful,
Just got snowed in and it’s looking so beautiful outside. I never used to like wearing a big coat as a kid but now all I want to be is cozy wrapped up and warm when it gets cold outside. Living in Canada we face a lot of snow and some bitter cold days.
If you’re like me then you love saving money on clothes so you can just buy more often. I would search high and low for a cool winter jacket that not everyone has. I don’t like those generic stores at the mall. I prefer shopping online where I can take my time and check prices and feel inspired to get something a bit different looking.

I was so happy when I came across ASOS because I used to think it was pricey until I realized it actually has some great deals.
I found some cute and classic winter coats under $150 that will work for everyone. And I don’t think you have to spend $300 and up to look good. These jackets are good quality and you can make them last a few years. If you pick a basic colour it will be in style for a really long time.

What do you think of this faux fur cozy jacket? It’s so in right now and actually belongs to my mom. But I’m def going to have to snatch it up in those cold days. lol


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