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Hey Beautiful,

it’s a new day and I thankfully started it early. I love early mornings. I am so much more productive when I get up and finish my morning routine before 9am. Of course the babies also don’t give me much choice in laying in bed for long these days. Works in my favour most days. lol

I want to share my updated morning routine soon with you guys in a new video. For now I thought I would list some things that are essential to starting my day.

  1. Wake up – Get dressed
  2. Pour coffee – even if I am reheating it 10 times a day
  3. bathroom – brush teeth, do hair & makeup
  4. Prep Breakfast for the kids and I – usually waffles and cheerios – Ny is eating on her own. HUGE TIME SAVER lol
  5. vacuum – too much dog hair every day lol
  6. go for a walk before 9 am – it gets too hot in the summer
  7. have a morning snack and put Ny to sleep
  8. start working on the computer while M plays

That’s what my mornings typically look like. We substitute morning walks with other errands that need to be done on other days.

Currently sitting outside listening to the birds.

Hard to believe there is such tumult in the world. Especially back home in Germany. Difficult to understand why people try to fight each other with violence and why we can’t just live in peace.

I am grateful

  1. that we live in a safe place
  2. we have drinking water
  3. we have each other as a family
  4. getting along – not always easy but as long as we have love we got this
  5. the pretty birds chirping in my ear – even though sometimes they are just too loud lol

What are you grateful for today?

xo, Tabea

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