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The Best Treat in Kelowna

The Best Treat in Kelowna

Hey Beauty,
I want to start sharing one of my favourite things in life! Food! It just rarely ever lets you down haha
I like to keep it safe and don’t really venture out of my comfort zone. Maybe writing about it on my Blog will make me try some new places and some different types of food!

When it comes to food i am def the snacking type. My fav treats are sweets obviously! Chocolate not candy. Haha, my husband loves candy. So we are the perfect match!
And well ice cream that deserves it’s own category. I could eat ice cream any day for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner & Desert!
So here is a throwback to one of the best ice cream I have tried in Kelowna. My best friend came for a visit and we had a lot of ice cream that weekend. I mean A LOT!!!
Located by the water downtown is Moolix. Yes with dairy…. but still sooo good. Seriously, I put my then plant based diet on a stop for it! I’m a chocolate lover so of course I had chocolate & cheesecake flavour, it was the biggest cone ever.

Fast forward to today and It’s bitter cold out… sort of… but I could still enjoy some Moolix ice cream right now, bundled up on the couch of course!

What’s your fav treat?


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