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Sweethomefromwood Wooden Bed Here 

Hey Beautiful,

Finally I am sharing our new Toddler/Baby Room with you. I figured since it is a shared room it may be interesting to some of you. How does one decorate and organize a shared Boy/ girl room with small space? I will tell you, lol.

It’s quite easy, as long as you can fit their beds, you are set!

We recently got M’s new bed from @Sweethomefromwood an Etsy Shop I must share!  Whether you are buying for a Boy or Girl, they have you covered. With their simple sleek wooden design there is something for everyone. You can simply decorate the bed on your own as you can see on their web shop, which I intend to do once I know the look I want. Maybe some sparkly lights or some pom poms? What do you think?

It’s nice to have beds with options for rails. The first crib we bought we had to purchase everything separate. This one you can choose where you want the rail to be. And how cute is the look of a little house with the chimney on top?

The perfect sanctuary for your little tot!

I do have some tips on decorating your babies room, especially when you want them to play and sleep in the same room

Stay calm and sleep

When decorating I decided to use neutral colours. Nothing too crazy bright. I wanted a calming atmosphere with not too much excitement for the eye. Pretty sure it helps them sleep better at night if it’s all neutral and not too stimulating. White, Grey and Pastels are awesome colours for your baby room.

Decorating like a Pro

Pinterest is always great for that room decor inspo. I wanted to decorate but was also worried the kids would get into the decorations too much and wreck things. The last thing  I wanted was to have to watch their every move in their own room. Decorating with toys is your best friend. I chose some pieces like a cute unicorn rocking horse, baby mobiles ( hanging from the ceiling) and a ball pit, aside from teddy bears & wooden blocks in the chosen colour scheme.

Clean your own room

I’m all about teaching my kids how to clean up and so I needed everything to be very easily accessible for them. A quick opening of the closet reveals toy bins and organizers. Super quick for some fast cleaning up before bed time. I shared a cleaning routine of their room on my Youtube which is linked here.

Everyday the toys come out but before bed time everything has to get tidied up no matter how crazy  it got during the day. Such a nice feeling putting them to bed in a clean room. I believe an organized room will also help your babies sleep better. Less distraction and less wanting to reach for those toys through crib bars. Hard enough to keep them in the crib once they start walking and climbing out of everything, lol.

Everything stored away in the closet also allows the room to keep its theme. haha! OCD much?

I posted a room tour on my Youtube channel. I will link it below.

Today was a fun day with the kids at the beach & so I am grateful for …

  1. So grateful to live close enough to the beach for a quick afternoon trip
  2. my car is fixed and drives way nicer.
  3. Had a great deep convo with my girlfriend. I love when she shares uplifting scriptures with me.
  4. was able to surprise my Hubby with a new fishing rod! YAY
  5. had some delicious water melon! Woo!!!

Happy Friday Babes,

Talk soon,

xo Tabea



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