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Two kids – What Now? Admitting I have anxiety

Two kids – What Now? Admitting I have anxiety


Hey Beautiful,

Today’s post is going to be me sharing a bit of a Life Update! Hopefully I inspire you to reflect on your own life and you will see that life’s changes don’t always have to be anxious but can be exciting.

Life always changes and so many things happen.

Sometimes faster than we can process. During those times, growth is happening. Growth is great for you as a person, for your relationship & for every aspect of your life. Unfortunately during those periods we either feel overwhelmed or anxious. We let the beauty of life and the process of change pass us by and we get stressed and fearful of what’s to come.
I’m that exact way.

I’m a mom of two and currently a stay at home mom. If you’re a stay at home mom you can empathize with the feeling of restlessness. The feeling of wanting to go back to work but not having a career to return to. At the one year mark of my mat leave when it was time for me to return to work I decided to quit my career working at the Bank & stayed home with both kids. It didn’t make sense to spend a fortune on daycare and lugging kids from A to B, when I could just stay home and be the best caregiver my kids could ever have (their own mom).
I have been reflecting on my life and what is next for me for a while. Many are envious of being able to stay home but it comes at a price. (We can go into that in another post!)

Putting all my worries and anxious feelings aside I decided to start an eyelash course. I have done them before and enjoyed it but was never certified. ( I’m a huge lash fan myself) So very soon I will be starting my own home business. I am super excited to start something new. I have worked in the beauty industry before but never took the leap to making it my own.

I can’t wait to share my new journey with you all. Would you like a post on how to start your own business? Or how to choose a business?
Anyways, I hope you can see that we are all the same and have fears that we need to overcome. This is one of mine! I’ve always been scared of new things and finally I’m trying something completely new. Overcoming my anxiety is Huge for me and I can’t wait!!!
Do you ever feel anxious about new things that are happening in your life?

Wish me luck for my first day next week!
Xo, Tabea

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